Slovak State Traditional Dance Company

About us

The Slovak State Traditional Dance Company is a professional dance ensemble. SĽUK is a state-subsidised organization founded by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic.
SĽUK is a unique ensemble representing traditional dance, music, musical instruments, and costumes of Slovakia. It has, for more than 60 years, produced many artistic programmes inspired by Slovak folk art. SĽUK has left a considerable mark on Slovakia‘s culture and has become synonymous with folk art traditions in modern performance.  Its original artistic work over decades of artistic seasons has given it a permanent place not only in Slovak, but also in European cultural heritage.  

Nowadays SĽUK consists of a dance ensemble, a chamber folk orchestra, and a singing group and it cooperates with top artists in the field of folklore. The repertoire is comprised of outstanding dance and music programmes which through different levels of artistic interpretation of traditional music and dancing, expands into other genres such as jazz, world music or contemporary dance. Thanks to impressive choreography, music, and stage adaptations the viewer can become acquainted with the aesthetic values of Slovak folk culture.
SĽUK’s headquarters are located in Bratislava where it has its own theatre (Theatre SĽUK), Costume Department and the Multimedia Archive of folk culture of Slovakia. An important part of SĽUK is the Slovak Intangible Cultural Heritage Centre.


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