Slovak State Traditional Dance Company
Chorea Slovaca

Chorea Slovaca

Dance Etudes for SĽUK

Premiéra: 11.12.2010

A dynamic dance show representing new modern forms of interpretation of Slovak traditional dance, music and costumes.

In the dance staging of CHOREA SLOVACA, SĽUK gives an opportunity to the younger generation of Slovak artists. Choreographers who are professionally engaged in folk dance, as well as representatives of other dance styles, who have a close relationship with the dancing tradition of Slovakia, were inspired by fragments of original folk dances which they then put together in an original way, as the subtitle suggests, “dance etudes”. The authors of the musical arrangements are playing with the specifics of authentic musical artworks, pushing them into new forms and combining them in new musical contexts. Through the author’s view, very different program pieces are sensitively interconnected by the director, who aims to highlight details and capture special moments. Thanks to the cooperation of other creative elements such as scenery and costumes, this music and dance program thematically and visually closes into compact and unconventional theatre work.

Choreography: Ladislav Cmorej, Simona Machovičová, Stanislav Marišler, Barbora Morongová, Vladimír Michalko, Ján Ševčík
Music: Stanislav Palúch, Marcel Comendant, Henrich Leško
Scenery: Marek Hollý
Costumes: Katarína Holková
Story: Juraj Hamar, Stanislav Marišler
Dramaturgy: Lenka Dubníčková
Directed by: Peter Maťo


Performance duration: 90 minutes
Number of performers: dancers (28), musicians (9), singers (4), backstage crew (10)
Number of touring group: 51
Venue: Indoors stage, 16m length, 10m width, .... m hight
Specific technical requirements: front projection, stage support, elevated extension of the stage area for musicians, any details need to be discussed beforehand
Preparation duration: 10hours (including technical preparation and rehearsal)



Chorea Slovaca

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