Slovak State Traditional Dance Company
Criss-cross Slovakia

Criss-cross Slovakia

Music and dance program

Premiéra: 18.12.2012

The program Criss – cross Slovakia is based on the original folklore material coming from ethnographic research and ethnographic records: texts, photography, as well as audio and video records. The artistic interpretation of the archive materials has incorporated poetic and aesthetic principles and phenomena characteristic for folk creations: improvisation, innovation, outstanding interpretative abilities of certain people from local communities, theatricality, grotesque, irony, comedy, exoticism, fashion, influence of so-called high art, infiltration by cultural elements of different ethnics and social groups, and finally, influence of the contemporary cultural, social, political, and economic settings. The scenic purpose of the music and dance program Criss – cross Slovakia is to demonstrate a variety of styles and regional diversity as well as artistic and aesthetic qualities which might attract contemporary auditory to folklore.



Dĺžka programu: 100 min.

Špecifikácia programu: hudobno-tanečný program vhodný pre väčšie javiská