Slovak State Traditional Dance Company
Dance amid shards

Dance amid shards

Dance theatre

Premiéra: 17.3.2012

Dance Amid Shards is a stylised story of a man’s life, reminiscing major points of his life including the materializing of his dreams and fantasies. The fragility of love, the power of desire, the suffering of rejection, the bitterness and the beauty of knowledge, as well as the uneven match with death and with oneself are tossing the principal character. Strong emotions are recast into dynamic and poetic dance images.

Story, directed by:         Marek Ťapák
Performers:             Marek Ťapák and SĽUK
Choreography:             Ervín Varga, Bibiana Lanczová, Ján Ševčík, Stanislav Marišler, Adriana Pinková,
Assistant director:         Stanislav Marišler
Music:                 Banda, Anton Popovič, Stanislav Palúch, Jozef Broda, Nikola Parov, Jaroslav Stráňavský, Tony Gatlif,                             Zbigniew Namyslowski and Jan Karpiel, Peter Niňaj, Ferenc Kiss, Papp István “Gásza”

Performance duration: 70 minutes
Number of performers: dancers (19), singer (1), backstage crew (13)
Number of touring group: 33
Venue: Indoors stage, 14m length, 10m width, .... m hight
Specific technical requirements: front projection, any details need to be discussed)
Preparation duration: .....hours (including technical preparation and rehearsal)



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