Slovak State Traditional Dance Company
Pictures from Slovakia

Pictures from Slovakia

An attractive dance show using the scenic settings of Laterna Magica (Dance Theatre & Cinerama)

Premiéra: 14.12.2007

The performance is based on relatively individual stage images by which the author tries to express the fundamental human values, feelings, and emotions.
The variable character of individual images requires various approaches to the art performance of the music, dance, and film. The authentic quotations of dances, folk music and costumes may be seen together with styled forms or author’s art creations, and the images of a real country are combined with created genre pictures. It results in interesting contra point which is characteristic for the aesthetics and poetics of this work.

Program – vypísať časti
Story, directed by: Juraj Hamar  
Music: Stano Palúch
Choreography: Ján Blaho, Stano Marišler
Film: Tono Szomolányi
Costumes: Hana Cigánová
Scene: Marek Hollý
Graphic design: Ďuro Balogh

Performance duration: 75 minutes
Number of performers: dancers (32), singers (4), playback music accompaniment, backstage crew (12)
Number of touring group: 48
Venue: Indoors stage, 12m length, 12m width, .... m hight
Specific technical requirements: 3 front projections, stage support, any details need to be discussed beforehand
Preparation duration: 5 hours (included technical preparation and rehearsal)


Obrázky zo Slovenska