Slovak State Traditional Dance Company
Traditional Slovak Dance Show

Traditional Slovak Dance Show

Next performance: 25.09.2023 19:00

Temperament dances are accompanied by lively dynamic music that is overlapped by fine lyrical songs. Represented here is the diversity of the Slovak ethno regions through artistic interpretation of traditional dance, music, musical instruments, and costumes of Slovakia.    
Performed by SĽUK’s dance ensemble, chamber folk orchestra with its soloists, and a singing group
•         Professional interpretation of Slovak folk dances
•         Excellent Interpretation of traditional Slovak musical instruments
•         Various colourful Slovak folk costumes

Performance duration: Variable length of performance - 10 to 80minutes. It can be performed either as one part or in multiple parts.
Number of performers: Variable number of performers - dancers, musicians and singers.
Number of touring group: 10 - 51
Venue: Stage parameters depend on the number of performers, possible to perform either indoors or outdoors.  It is easily customised for all kinds of occasions.
Costumes: Traditional folk costumes

Specific technical requirements: any details need to be discussed beforehand
Preparation duration: as to the agreed performance details